Whether you are looking to build-out or renovate an existing office space, or are looking to build a new store front or commercial building, Builtmore Contracting can help you with all of your construction needs.

Builtmore Contracting, provides comprehensive general contracting services and solutions for commercial projects across a variety of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Office Renovations
  • Tenant Build-Outs
  • Retail Stores/Shopping Centers
  • Salons/Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Center Remodeling
  • Historical Restorations

At Builtmore Contracting, we use robust project management tools to ensure your project is completed within your time-frame and to your specifications. Understanding the importance of timeliness in the construction industry, whether to meet occupancy dates, or coordinating construction activity with typical, daily business activities, Builtmore Contracting strives to accommodate your scheduling needs so you can carry on or get back to business as seamlessly as possible!

Tenant Improvement

As a South Florida contractor, Builtmore Contracting has provided general contracting services to manage numerous tenant improvement projects for new tenants moving into existing commercial building spaces. Builtmore has vast general contracting experience for the remodeling/build-out processes for pre-existing commercial spaces, which requires the close management and supervision of detailed working tradesman, who in utilize specialized skills and techniques.



New Commercial Construction

Builtmore Contracting has developed and provided general contracting for a number of local-serving commercial office and retail, and municipal buildings in the South Florida area.

For your upcoming project, we realize you have a choice among South Florida contractors, but we also believe you don’t merely want your expectations met, you want them exceeded- that’s where Builtmore Contracting comes in!