We firmly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to new construction, home improvements, Palm Beach County remodeling and renovations of homes. Interested in upgrading your kitchen or remodeling a bathroom, looking to do a home addition or renovation, or ready to start a new home construction project?

Builtmore Contracting has an extensive background in remodeling and renovating existing homes, as well new home construction throughout Palm Beach County. Project types include but are not limited to:

  • New home construction
  • Interior/Exterior modifications
  • Additions
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • House flips
  • And more…

Kitchen Upgrades

More often than not, a kitchen manages to make itself a central hub and social gathering area in most American homes today. Homeowners spend much of their time in the kitchen, whether entertaining party guests, hosting family dinners, or simply cooking up a fine meal for themselves. Builtmore Contracting will help you design your beautiful kitchen to meet your needs and accommodate your preferences. Whether you need more storage, more counter space, or more style, we will work hard to build you a kitchen that meets all your desires! A new updated kitchen will either make you a happier home owner or a happier reseller- you can’t go wrong!


Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms today have evolved from a simple, functional space to a more luxurious, soothing space to relax in and unwind after a busy day in this chaotic world. A bathroom is also a space that is not only seen by your house guests regularly, but also utilized by them personally! So give yourself and your guests that ultimate bathroom experience you’ve always dreamed of and call Builtmore Contracting to make it a reality! Also, keep in mind that a bathroom remodel is another valuable investment to ensure a higher return on resale!

Interior Improvements

Homeowners are increasingly choosing to renovate their existing homes instead of going through the often grueling process of real estate hunting, buying, selling and moving in order to accommodate their changing needs. From completely gutting an existing space, room expansions, floor plan changes, and additions, Builtmore Contracting will do what it takes to create and perfect your ideal home.

New Residential Construction

Builtmore Contracting has been helping Palm Beach County homeowners create the homes of their dreams. We’ll help design and build your customs home with a commitment to outstanding quality. Whether you’re looking to build a traditional home or looking to construct a more environment friendly “smart home”, we can execute your vision from design to construction.


Exterior Renovations

First impressions count, and the first thing neighbors or potential homebuyers see is the exterior of your house. An exterior renovation can improve your homes curb appeal and improve your home and neighborhoods’ property values. It is important to address any potential deterioration in your home’s exterior, whether resultant from usual wear and tear, accident or force of nature, in order to ensure your home continues to be a healthy and safe haven for you and your family for years.

Your home is a tremendous investment and making sure it’s maintained in good repair is vital for protecting its resale value! Builtmore Contracting can handle all repairs and renovations to your home’s exterior, including but not limited to the installation/replacement/repair of siding, stucco, painting, and sealing, as well as patio/deck building, renovation and repair.